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Training is done on a monthly basis.  Gentle, repetitive methods to produce results.  From personal gun dogs to professional guide dogs and field trial competitors, helping each dog reach their potential is the goal I strive for.  Excellent training grounds located here at the kennel and leases and access to some of the greatest wild bird country in Kansas and Oklahoma. After evaluation of a dogs natural ability, a program to suit the dog and owners needs are put in place.  Training and working with bird dogs is more than a job, it's a passion and a lifestyle.
$500 per month - usually 2 or 3 months

During your dogs stay here they live in a clean, healthy environment.  K9 Kondo style barrel houses are utilized on a sloped concrete floor with drain troughs that are washed multiple times per day,  Great care and attention to each dog ensures their safety and well being as well as a feeding program to get each dog in top physical form.  All vet bills are your responsibility as well as worming and vaccinations.
10305 Marshall Rd.
Ensign, KS
(620) 408-5754

Puppy Development
For puppy ages 3 to 9 months
This is a great way to give your young dog a head start.  They will build their natural drive and ability as well as being exposed to many different things that will prepare them for more formal training later on. Many people buy a puppy and may have him socialized but lack the time, knowledge, or place to expose them to birds, using their nose, being on a tie out and many other things that all go into having a bold, confident dog. Many references, limited spaces. 
$300 - usually about 1 month

Conditioning and Tune Up
Fall is a good time to send older dogs for conditioning and tune ups.  Dogs in shape are less prone to injury and a few workouts on birds and handling prior to hunting season can make your time hunting more enjoyable.
$400 - 1 month